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Addis Ababa and Near by Plcaes

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Addis Ababa and near by places to be visited,

In the morning we begin exploring Addis Ababa with a visit to the national museum, One of the most important sub-Saharan museums in Africa.The museum is home to fossils of homonids dating back to 3.2 million years(Lucy), collection of old enough artifacts, as well as royal items and art.

Then we visit the ethnological museum which was the former palace of Hailesilase. then we head to St, George Cathedral we take time in st, George Cathedral a church built during the regime of menelik in 1896. and we carry on our visit to Holy Trinity Cathedral, is the largest Orthodox church in Ethiopia and it has survived through several historical periods, as it’s interesting architecture can attest to. The cathedral contains the thrones and tombs of emperors and some of the royal family.

Visit Merkato, the largest open-air market in Africa.Over night at a hotel of your choice.In addition what you could visit depending on your time:

the panoramic view of the city Addis Abeba from entoto calls for a camera and the cold fresh air is inviting.
The church Entoto Mariam still survives from that era and it’s museum is worth a visit.

Menagesha Park: is a stunning place for a hike it’s forested and standing hills offer the wild a short distance away. Horse riding is also possible.

Debre-libanos: the monastery is another interesting place to head off to for a day.

Debre-zeit: a small town just forty kilometers from Addis Ababa. Has several lakes, quaint restaurants and exotic resorts on their shores.

Ambo: westwards is a famous for its mineral water. Ethiopians favorite bottled water.

Lake wenchi: a short distance from ambo, it’s lovely forested shores are great.

The blue Nile gorge: is one of the most stunning gorges in the world.

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Addis Ababa and Near by Plcaes

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