Simien Mountains Trekking


Simien Eco Trek


Trek grades
▪ 2-3 days of trekking: leisurely
▪ 4-5 days of trekking: classic
▪ 6-7 days of trekking: moderate
▪ 8-10 days of trekking; challenging
▪ 10-12 days and more: tough

We provide detail itineraries to the level of trek that you want to choose
above TOGETHER WITH REASONABLE PRICES even though we have put
some sample itineraries bellow.

Sample Itineraries

We have discovered and designed a new trekking route that has never been
touched by tourists that stretches from DibBahir to Duhara (the
village just bellow Chenck camp). The people in this area are not used
to tourists; therefore, you will have the chance to test the exact
Ethiopian hospitality and culture.
Here is the itinerary of this untouched place with estimated
distance bellow. A very detailed particular itinerary of this place
will be given on request

eco tourism
Day1:- Drive from Gondar to DbiBahir(110km drive) and trek to Sugug
(10-15km hiking)
Day2:- Trek from Sugug to Kerneja, 25km
Day3:- Trek from Kerneja to Adarmaz, 20-22km
Day4:-Trek from Adarmaz to Chiena, 18-20km
Day5:-Trek from Chiena to Muchila, 30 km
Day6:-Trek from Muchlia to Ambaber, 25km
Day7:-Trek from Ambaber to Dirni, 25km
Day8:-trek from Dirni to Duhara, 25-27km
Day9:- Trek Duhara to Chenck and drive to Gondar, 15km of trek