Simien Mountains National Park (SMNP)


Simien Eco Trek

Simien Mountains National Park (SMNP),

with its undulating plateau and deep
valleys is often referred as the Grand
Canyon of Africa. The park is located in the North Gonder Zone of the
Amhara National Regional State. It is about 870km from Addis Ababa by
road, in the mountain massif to the north of the famous Great Rift
Valley of Ethiopia. Simien is home to Ras Dejen, the highest mountain
in Ethiopia (4,533m) and the fourth highest in Africa.
the mountainous nature of the park and the chained mountains with the
surrounding high peaks more than an altitude of 4000 masl gave rise
to the saying the "ROOF OF AFRICA" This ecotourism destination is
popular and loved by wildlife watchers including bird watchers,
researchers and cultural
In 1978 Simien Mountains National Park was inscripted as one of the
worlds’ first UNESCO natural World Heritage Sites.
The park features remarkable vistas and landscapes where erosion over
millions of years has created jagged
mountain peaks, valleys and sharp precipices dropping some 1,500m.
The park also showcases the giant Erica forest. Simien Mountains
National Park is of global significance for biodiversity conservation
because it is home to globally threatened species, including the
iconic Walia ibex, a rare wild mountain goat, the gelada and the
Ethiopian wolf.
One to 12 days treks through the stunning national park will leave
you speechless.
Trekking through the park gives you a chance to see both incredible
wildlife and scenery but to also
experience the local culture while trekking through remote villages
Birdwatchers will rejoice with over 180 species recorded in the Simien
Mountains National Park. Of these, five are endemic to Ethiopia and a
further 12 to Ethiopia and Eritrea.
eco tourism
The highland campsites are situated at an altitude between 3,250 and
3,600m, while the lowland campsites are between 1,990 and 1,655m.
Each camp is located between 15 and 25km from each other and can
be reached between 5-8 hours. This allows you to spend every night
in a different campsite. If you do not have time for all campsites, the
following itinerary will help you to select the ones you prefer. It is also
possible to reach some of the campsites by car.
The most common way to start the trek is to drive into the national
park 100 km from Gondar to Debark ( a small town where the headquarter
of the park is situated ) after getting a permit from the
headquarter, drive further 1.5 hours. on the main road from Debark to
the escarpment near Michibiny (3,203m) where you will start the trek.
From there it is
a 2-3 hour trek to the first camp Sankaber. Such short trekking is
designed to help you prepare for the upcoming days and will also
assist you with acclimatization. It is also possible to drive straight to
the Sankaber campsite.

Highlights of Simien Mountain trekking

▪ Dramatic mountain landscapes
▪ Ascent of Ras Dejen –summit Ethiopia’s highest mountain
▪ Stunning views, unique animals and birds of prey
▪ Views from the escarpment
▪ Highland and lowland experiences
▪ Welcoming villages