Bird Watching Tour

  • Bird Watching (Blue Nile gorge, Great Rift Valley and Bale Mountain)
  • Mode of transportation- surface (Drive)
  • Duration-14 Days and 13 Nights
Attractions highlight

Bird-Watching- Rift valley system, lakes, aquaticbirds, Crowned and common cranes, Fish Eagle, king fisher, Jacanas,lapwings, Black Forest Oriole, the White Chicked Turacco and Senegalcoucal, White Billed Starling, Ruppel’s black chat, Lanner Falcon,Common Rock Trush, Abyssinian Wood Pecker, Brown Snake Eagle, AfricanPygmy Falcon, Black Crested Eagle, White Billed Bustard, AbyssinianRoller, Red and Yellow Barbet, Tawny, Battler, the Abyssinian andLilac breastedRoller, Kore bustard, carmine bee-eater, yellow breasted francolin,Yellow Billed and Ground Horn Bill, Ruppel’s Black Headed Weavers,Egyptian Vultures, Kori Bustard, Red Winged Bush Lark, Common and RedBilled Teals, Herons, different species of Proverbs, Saddle and YellowBilled Storks, Yellow Fronted Parrot, Abyssinian Woodpecker, and HalfColored king fisher, Yellow Billed Wax bill, Scaly Francolin, SilverChecked Horn Bill, Red Winged Starling, Olive Trash, Red Capped Lark,Augur Buzzard, AbyssinianFlycatcher, Ground Horn Bill, Tawny Eagle, Abyssinian Woodpecker,Abyssinian Cat Bird, White Backed Black Tit, Olive Trush, Wattled Ibis,Rougt’s Rail, Wattled Ibis, Cranes, African Pied Rock, Gray King Fisher,Spotted Creeper, Purple Swamp Hen, Giant King Fisher and beautiful Sunbirds, Bush Crow and African Golden Oriole, Gray Headed Social Wavers,Black Breasted Barbet, Golden Breasted Starling, Pale Flycatcher,African Black Headed Oriole, Martial Eagle.