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CO-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CEO, Simien Eco Trek

Wubetu Shimelash was born and raised in the Simien Mountains National Park in the Northern part of Ethiopia, where his family still lives. As a child, Wubetu took care of his family’s 200 sheep, a few cows, and horses in the mountains. He spent the days in the mountains with his animals searching for food and the nights sleeping in a cave with them. It was here in the mountains that Wubetu’s entrepreneurial mindset grew. He started to make hats and bags from sheep’s wool which he sold to tourists in order to buy more sheep and increase his herd. He would also take tourists for rides on his horses and let them explore the mountains with him and his animals. As a result, Wubetu became more independent, creative, adventurous, outgoing, and friendly. At the same time, his passion and love for nature grew.

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Mulushewa Marelign

Co-Founder & Tour Operator, Simien Eco Trek

Mulushewa (Muller) Marelign was born in Simien Mountains in a small village called Ambiko. This place offers some of the most spectacular views of the Simien Mountains. The village is the base for climbing to Rasdejen, the highest peak in Ethiopia and the fourth highest in Africa. Growing up in this frequently visited place by tourists, Muller’s passion towards nature and tour services grow along and he becomes interested in the tourism industry of Ethiopia. In order to accomplish his goal, he focused his education in the tourism sectors where he has obtained his first diploma in tour guide services, his second diploma in tourism service and Ethiopian history, his third degree in tour operation, and his most recent in tourism management from Addis Ababa University.
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