12-13 Days Itinerary: Simien Mountains Trekking

The full 12-13 day ultimate trek in the Simien Mountains takes youto both the highland and lowland parts the national park includingSankaber – home of the gelada, Gich - the gateway for theastonishing vistas of Imet Gogo, Chennek – a spot for rare andendemic wildlife such as the walia ibex and Ethiopia’s highestmountain Ras Dejen (4,553m).The first 4 - 5 days of trekking on the highland routes gives you achance to see 3 of the of the “Unique 7” mammal species ofEthiopia (walia ibex, Ethiopian wolf and gelada) as well as anabundance of interesting flora and some of the world’s mostmajestic and colorful birds, including the lammergeyer (beardedvulture) also known as the “Lords of the Plateau.” Following therewarding experience of the highland routes, the trip then takesyou on a more off-the-beaten-track route to the lowland parts of the park through the villages of Mekerebiya, Mulit and Adirkay. Thisroute also gives you a chance to see the other side of the highland scenery with the opportunity to mingle with local people and discover their ways of life.