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Simien Eco Trek provides convenient and efficient tour services in Ethiopia for tourist around the world by providing specific itineraries based on the wishes and interests of our customers. We are tour and travel operator in Ethiopia with expert knowledge of Ethiopian culture, language, geography, religion, and history. We organize tours and treks across Ethiopia primarily to the Simien mountains national park. We are here to help you create the perfect adventure in Ethiopia.

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The Simien Mountains (in Amharic ስሜን or Səmen) in northern Ethiopia, are part of the Ethiopian Highlands. They are a World Heritage Site and include the Simien Mountains National Park.

About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic state of nearly 100 million inhabitants and a great variety of customs and languages. Amharic is the federal working language, and country-wide Ethiopians speak 83 languages and over 200 dialects.

Ethiopian Religious Holidays

The major religious events in Ethiopia are mostly linked to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, whose history goes back to the 3rd Century.



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We are passionate to show the beauty of our country and the hospitality of our People. Our goal at Simien Eco Trek is to do well by doing good! We are committed to supporting our community by creating local jobs. At Simien Eco Trek, we believe that ... Read more


We have several years of experience in the Ethiopian tourism industry. Our staffs have more than ten years of experiences. Our Tour guides, chiefs, and park rangers are expertise in their own fields and you don’t have to worry about the roads that ... Read more


We are responsible and well organized tour operator in Ethiopia who will provide you the right resources for the purpose of your specific trip. We work closely with our customers and respond on a timely manner for your requests.


We strive to ensure your enjoyment and safety in answering your questions. We are happy to assist with your preparations and accommodations in order to allow you to completely immerse yourself in enjoying the scenery and creating new memories from ... Read more